Advantages and Disadvantage of DBMS

Advantages  of DBMS –

  1. Minimal Redundancy
  2. Inconsistency can be avoided
  3. Sharing of Data
  4. Standards can be enforced
  5. Search Capability
  6. Integrity
  7. Privacy and Security
  8. The interface with the Past
  9. The interface with the future
    • Physical Data Independent
    • Logical Data Independence
  10. Tunability
  11. Data Migration
  12. Simplicity
  13. Powerful User Languages
  14. Conflicting requirements can be balanced
  15. Faster Development of New Application
  16. More Control over Concurrency

Disadvantages of DBMS – 

  1. High Cost of DBMS – More costly licensed version (40 to 50 lacs )
  2. High Hardware Cost- DBMS will not allow to add the data by user directly. It will take command from user.
  3. High Conversion Cost-
  4. Higher Programming Cost
  5. Complex
  6. Backup and Recovery are more difficult
  7. Integration

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