Expressions in C++

An expression in C++ is any valid combinations  of operators, constants and variables .

Types of Expressions :

The expressions in C++ can be of any type :

  • Arithmetic Expression
  • Relational Expression (or Logical Expression)
  • Compound Expressions etc.

Arithmetic Expressions can be either Integer Arithmetic Expression or Real Expressions or mixture of both.

  • Integer Constants are made up of integer constants and/or integer variable
  • Real Expressions are made up of real constants and/or real variables

Examples of integer Expressions and Real Expressions :

Expressions in C++

Logical Expressions

Logical Expressions are the expressions that results o(false) or 1(True). These expressions are combination of constants, variables and logical and relational operators.

Examples of some valid Logical Expressions are –

Logical Expressions in C++

Assignment Statements –

These statements assigns a value to a variable. The value assined may be a constant variable or an expression. These can be chained together also.

Example of Assignment Statements :

Assignment Statements(Expresions in C++)

In the above chained assignment statement, value 13 is assigned to all the variables x,y,z. Firstly, 13 is assigned to z, then the new value of z is assigned to y, and finally the new value of y is assigned to x.

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