Introduction to Entrepreneurship

First of all, the participants are exposed to general knowledge of entrepreneurship such as factors affecting small scale industries, the role of entrepreneurs in economic development and entrepreneurial behaviour.

  1. Motivation training: The training inputs under this aim at inducing and increases the need for achievement among the participants.
  2. Management skills: Running a business, whether large or small, requires the managerial skills. Knowledge of managerial skills enables an entrepreneur to run his or her enterprise smoothly and successfully.
  3. Support system and procedure: The participants also need to be exposed to the support available from different Institutions and Agencies for setting up and running small scale Enterprise.
  4. Fundamentals of project feasibility study: Under this input, the participants are provided guidelines on the effective analysis of feasibility or viability of the particular project in view of marketing, organisation, technical, financial and social aspects.
  5. Plant visit: In order to familiarize the participants with real life situations in small business, plant visit are  also arranged. Such trips help the participants know more about an entrepreneur’s behaviour, personality, thoughts and aspirations.



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