Problems Faced by EDPs

EDPs suffer on many counts. The problems are on the part of all those who are involved in the process, be it the trainers and the trainees,  the supporting organisations and the state government. The important problems faced by EDPs are listed as follows :

  • Trainer-Motivations are not found up to the mark in motivating the trainees to start their own Enterprise
  • ED Organisations lack in commitment and sincerity in conducting the EDPs.
  • Non conducive environment and constraints make the trainer-motivators roll infective.
  • The antithetic attitude of the supporting agencies like banks and Financial Institutions serves as stumbling block in the success of EDPs. Selection of wrong trainees also lead to low success rate of EDPs.
  • Selection of wrong trainees also leds to low success rate of EDPs.

Thus it is clear that the problems are not with the strategy but with its implementation.
One way of evaluating the EDPs is to assess their effectiveness in developing ‘need for achievement’ among the entrepreneurs. This is also called as ‘the qualitative evaluation’ of EDPs.

The behavioral scientist use the following criteria to assess the effectiveness of EDPs in motivating the entrepreneurs:

  1. Activity level of the respondents
  2. New enterprise established
  3. Total investments made
  4. Investment in fixed assets made
  5. Number of people employed
  6. Number of jobs created
  7. Increase in profit
  8. Increase in sales
  9. Quality of products / service improved
  10. Quicker repayment of loans

In other behavioural experiments, the impact of EDP, is measured with the help of indices relating to the entrepreneurial behaviour. The entrepreneurial behaviour is measured on the following four dimensions :


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