Small Business and Large Business Relationship


Many small business on earth feelers business exclusively in competitive terms point for small Enterprises that compete directly with larger companies, this characterization is accurate one. And independent record store owner, example will undoubtedly and legitimately regarding the arrival of new record store operating under the banner of a national chain as a threat.
Similarly, a small plastic manufacturer will view firms engaged in the same industry sector as competition. But small business should recognize that large regional, national or even International companies can take on other, decidely more attractive, identity as well.
Large companies may assume role as business partner, product distributors or customer. Indeed, large enterprise where different hat to different observers. One small business’s aggressive competitors may be another small firm business ally, distributor or client.

Relationship Between Small and Large Enterprises

Relationship between small and large enterprises

There exists the following types of relationships :

  1. Large Enterprise as Partners:
    The 1990’s  saw a general increase in business partnership between small and large companies. Alliances between large companies are still more prevalent and more large firms continue to prefer to simply swallow up smaller Enterprise. The alliance between small and large enterprise has been taken place in the following forms:Key to successful partnership with large enterpriseAlliance between small and large enterprisesKEY TO SUCCESSFUL PARTNERSHIP WITH LARGE ENTERPRISE
    There are the fundamental point which are adopted by the small enterprise for success in partnership with large Enterprise.
    Keys to successful partnership with large enterprise

    For successful partnership, an entrepreneur must ESTABLISH CLEAR AND OPEN LINES OF COMMUNICATION. Good communication practices are essential to all business relationship, both internal and external and all alliances with the large companies are no exception.

  2. Large Enterprise as Product Distributor:
    Myriad small manufacturers rely on major mass merchandisers( regional, national or International) to see their goods. Indeed, these distributors can dramatically heighten a small business fortunes in a matter of weeks or months. But the entrepreneurs looking to establish relationship will find that…..Competition secure a place on the shelves of major outlets. Compatibility moreover, entrepreneurs need to make sure that they concentrate there effort on finding mass merchandisers that already sell products to the new producer probable demographic audience.
  3. Large Enterprise as Customer:
    Many small businesses, weather in world in retail, wholesale, manufacturing or service, count follow businesses as significant or primary customers. Leaving corporate clients in many fundamental respect is not different than pleasing customer.
    As Richard Gerson observed in ” great customer services for your local business,” Much of customer services countdown to plain old common sense.

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